Summary Of The Movie Critique Of Hidden Figures

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Movie Critique of Hidden Figures
“Here at NASA we all pee the same color.” (Cherin, 2016). This is a quote from a movie by the name of Hidden Figures which was released in 2016. It is about a group of black women who work for NASA. The women were helping NASA send a man into space using math, engineering, and programing. They are also trying to prove that black people were just as capable as white people in learning the subjects of math and science. The film reenacted how American’s in the 1960’s lived. The Space Race was at its peak in popularity during this time and the United States was desperate to put a man in space for the Russians. Hidden Figures shows how the women worked to overcome the stereotypes which are placed on them due to their skin color and gender from society. The movie also highlights several social problems that society faced in the past and their continued existence even today.
The movie incorporates multiple social problems such as racism, sexism, and educational inequality. This is shown by revealing how whites would treat blacks during the 1960’s. Many whites during this time felt that blacks should be separate but equal. However, Civil Rights activists disagreed and felt that blacks should be allowed to go to the same bathrooms, water fountains, and schools that whites attend. The social problems shown in the movie still affect people to this day. There are several current initiatives which support and encourage equality for black

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