Summary Of The Movie 'Neanderthal'

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I think the movie did portray the neanderthals abilities realistically. When Charlie made fire, used stone tools for his benefit, and hunted for small game in his habitat it showed a strongly realistic perception of him. When looking at archaeological evidence, we see that Neanderthals could carry out these duties and this is how they survived. Another time Charlie was perceived realistically was when he adapted to his new environment so quickly. A neanderthal's frontal lobe shows some of the first signs of advancement among early hominins. With this being said, Charlie figured out quickly how to hunt game, communicate with Shepherd, and how to make fire in his new setting. “Neandertals had to have been skilled hunters. These findings are part of a growing body of literature that suggests
Neandertal subsistence behavior was more complex than previously thought” (Wong, 2000). In the movie, Shepherd questions if Charlie could interact socially with him and somewhat understand his english. Charlie does a great job of showing social communication to Shepherd. He has his own kind of language, which they interpret and understand what he is saying. Charlie also shows signs of understanding what Shepherd says to him. When he told him no, Charlie kind of turns away or gets upset as if he knew what no meant. When they realize Charlie is asking where his children are, he draws children in the dirt. This proved that Charlie had potential for living among humans today. Charlie also
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