Summary Of The Movie : The Man Of Superman

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The movie that I am writing this paper about it quite a common movie, and the audience usually watches it for enjoyment, but explaining this movie in the way it represents ethical theories makes you view this movie in a different way. Superman, or as the most recent movie calls him, ‘The man of Steel,’ is known for his moral character he plays. He is the most powerful human being on earth, yet he uses his powers to protect the earth and the people who live in it. You would think someone with all that power would use it toward his own desires. However, superman does the exact opposite.
A few of Plato’s philosophies are represented in ‘The Man of Steel.’ For instance, superman’s home, krypton, was similar to Plato’s city analogy representing the human psyche. In addition, Clark kent’s character seems to be representing Plato’s ‘Ring of Gyges’ story in the way that his actions are dictated. In other words, Superman upheld a virtuous character even if there were no consequences for acting poorly. He always acted upon the right decision when the time came, and who he is as a moral person dictates what is right and wrong. One very important part in the movie where superman ultimately develops his virtuous character is when he is forced to make a decision on whether to save his father from a tornado or maintain his secret identity as a foreign human being. Because of his father’s constant virtue-based training, he decides to make the difficult decision by letting his father die,

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