Summary Of The Movie White Chicks

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By using the essentialist observations from the article “Whiting Up and Blacking Out: White Privilege, Race and White Chicks” written by George Yancy and Tracey Ann Ryser, it is possible to analyze the movie White Chicks and the critical approaches the film uses to depict the “black counter-gaze” of white privilege. Being both directed and written by the Wayans brothers, who played the leading roles in this screening, the film addresses the complex ideals of racial identity. White Chicks is a comedic film that explores some of our nations most complex controversies. Made to bring hilarity and amusement, this film examines and critiques questions of gender stereotypes, white privilege, race, and identity crisis. The question or issue I pose, is were the gender and racial stereotypes in White Chicks used to act as a “counter-gaze” in attempts to render the power of whiteness? There are many underlying issues of racism and racial stereotypes for both white and people of color amidst the entirety of the film. The stereotypes they address in the movie are ones that have been socially constructed with no actual biological basis. One of the discourses that is immediately brought up is one of white people in relation to socio-economic status. The screening interprets the social scene of the Hamptons being constructed of young, snobby, pretentious, and spoiled white girls. This stereotype can be associated with white privilege: or as some would say, unearned entitlement. According
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