Summary Of ' The Natural House ' By Frank Lloyd Wright

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Audiya Stanley
River Ridge High School First off, one of the early leaders in the construction of micro homes was Frank Lloyd Wright. He wrote a book titled “The Natural House” in 1950. With the ideas from Wright, architects and construction workers began the Tiny House Movement in the 1980s. Micro Homes started to boom in the early parts of the 21st century. The housing market crash, a crash that forced homeowners into foreclosure, in 2007-2008 made it that where people had to pay outrageous amounts of mortgages. In the past few tears, Jay Shafer, the founder and owner of Tumbleweed Tiny Homes, became the new leader of the Tiny House Movement. Shafer has written several books that have the topic corresponding to micro homes and the downsizing of a micro home.
Second, micro homes, known by many as Tiny Homes, are homes considered to be under 500 square feet. Banks won 't finance tiny houses––any house smaller than four hundred square feet is difficult to mortgage––and, in addition to being tricky to occupy legally, the houses are excluded from many R.V. parks because they 're too tall (Wilkinson, A. 2011). All Micro Homes are designed the way a normal family home would be designed. A Micro Home has the necessities such as: A bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a living room. The households are mainly built for single individuals who are just starting off on their own, does not want to live in a fancy home, or a person who is unable to be
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