Summary Of ' The Night At The Museum '

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Aladdin. Mrs. Doubtfire. Flubber. RV. Night at the Museum. What do all of these movies have in common? They all stared the world renowned comedian, Robin Williams! As an adult, Williams spent many years entertaining others and making people laugh, but his own life never seemed quite as enjoyable. Robin was never a normal kid; he was always moving and getting picked on for what he couldn’t change. Even though his family was very wealthy, his childhood was always difficult. Once out on his own, after moving all over the country, Robin expected a normal life and he soon learned that he was like no other and that nobody had a talent as exceptional as his.
Robin Williams was born to a wealthy Detroit, Michigan family at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chicago on July 21, 1951. Robin was the youngest of the three brothers. When he was born his brother, McLaurin Smith Williams, was four, and the oldest, Robert Todd Williams, was 14. Robert passed away in 2007 at the age of 69. His mother, Lauren Williams, a former model, was a practitioner of Christian Science. His father, Robert Fitzgerald Williams, was an executive for the Ford Motor Company. As a child, he had gone to many schools and wasn’t very successful socially but was very bright. Robin had gone to a total of eight different elementary and middle schools in only eight years. They were all located in Fake Forest, IL even though his main elementary was Gorton Elementary. When he moved up, he went Deer Path Middle School. As a…

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