Summary Of ' The Night At The Museum '

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Aladdin. Mrs. Doubtfire. Flubber. RV. Night at the Museum. What do all of these movies have in common? They all stared the world renowned comedian, Robin Williams! As an adult, Williams spent many years entertaining others and making people laugh, but his own life never seemed quite as enjoyable. Robin was never a normal kid; he was always moving and getting picked on for what he couldn’t change. Even though his family was very wealthy, his childhood was always difficult. Once out on his own, after moving all over the country, Robin expected a normal life and he soon learned that he was like no other and that nobody had a talent as exceptional as his.
Robin Williams was born to a wealthy Detroit, Michigan family at St. Luke’s Hospital in
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When he first was going on to college he planned to study political science and went to Claremont College for Men. He soon changed to the College of Marin; while he was there he had done many performances for the school and had gigs at small restaurants and bars. In 1973 he won a full scholarship into Juilliard School for Arts for speech and classical drama. There, he became friends with known celebrity Christopher Reeve. As a young comedian, Robin looked up to many people. Jonathan Winters, Peter Cook, Peter Sellers, and Dudley Moore were people who influenced Robin. As he has succeeded in his career, people started looking up to him. People such as Jim Carry, Conan O’Brien, Frank Caliendo, Dat Phan, Jo Koy, Gabriel Iglesias, Alexei Sayle, and Eddy Murphy are now using Robin as a mentor. When Robin was first starting his career, it was slow, but soon took a major turn for the better. His very first performance was at the Holy City Zoo in the mid 1970’s, and that went well for him. Soon after, people started blaming him for copying others work, so he avoided going to shows for a while but quickly got back into it. He described the life of a comedian as a “brutal field.”
In 1977 a famous TV producer named George Schlatter saw him at one of his local shows, and knew right away that he was going to be a star. The producer invited him to be on his new show Laugh-In, which ended very soon after
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