Summary Of ' The Night Before Christmas Night '

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It was the night before Christmas morning. Noah and his family were getting ready for the family Christmas lunch. The presents were wrapped under the Christmas tree, ready for the following morning, the house was decorated and Noah and his two younger sisters went to bed, whilst his mother and father stayed up to briefly tidy the house.

It was Christmas morning. The day that Noah and his two younger sisters have been waiting for since last years Christmas. Christmas is the only day out of the year that brings the whole family together, due to family members living in different states and countries. They woke up bright and early and ready to start the day filled with love, joy and happiness among the family. Noah was the last out of bed, typical teenager. He bolted down the stairs to find an average size pile of presents, just for him. There was one present in particular that caught Noah’s eye. It was not wrapped, just a bow the size of a basketball. It was a surfboard, something that Noah has wanted ever since he learnt to swim, which was a few years ago, but still something he dreamed of owning one day. Along with the surfboard came a story. The surfboard has been passed down through many generations. The surfboard belonged to Noah’s grandfather, who was a world professional surfer back in his day. This information stunned Noah, as he had never heard about his grandfather’s life as a surfer. Little did Noah know what this surfboard could do?

Noah grabbed his surfboard…

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