Summary Of ' The Night Before The Wedding '

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Words and Reference
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Page 305, last line, Granage

The night before the wedding Jane can not sleep, and as she walks through the garden she sees the tree that was split, and Jane tells Rochester of what she saw and all the strange things that have happened while he was gone.
Jane then receives her wedding dress with a expensive veil (which was Rochester’s gift to Jane)
Jane had a dream of a child falling from her knee which scared her and woke her up, but when she woke up saw someone in the closet, and it was a stranger that looked like a poor women who tore Jane’s Veil into two. Rochester says he will explain everything to Jane after a year and a day.
Sophie helps Jane get ready for the wedding, and Jane and Rochester walk to the church to be wed,
There is a stranger who objected to Jane and John’s marriage, and the stranger says that Rochester is already married to another woman whom he married 15 years ago. The stranger then says his name is Mr. Briggs and shows a letter that said he was married to Mason’s sister Bertha. The other stranger is Mr. Mason
Rochester admits that he has a wife already (Bertha) and Jane would become his second wife.
Rochester shows everyone where he…

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