Summary Of ' The Night ' By Jeanette Ingalls Thomaston

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Having fallen asleep in the tub of water- Allie woke with the worst headache she had ever had; her body was withered, her fingers wrinkled like the skin of a prune. Hastily, Allie got out of the tub of cold water and dried her body and then slipped into a nightgown and got into bed; she figured it was nearly daybreak because she heard a rooster crowing somewhere in the distance. Closing her eyes to the dull throbbing in her head, she fell asleep quickly. When Allie awoke, she was in a field of wildflowers, braiding the stems of clovers to make a crown for her head the way she and Ada Joy used to do when they were girls; except, instead of Ada, Jeanette Ingalls Thomaston was there with her. Jeanette was talking about how Allen run off and joined the Cause, leaving her to care for their child alone. Gazing around, Allie wondered, what child? However, she did not speak, she just sat there and listened as Jeanette went on and on about how bad her life had become- “Be careful what you wish for,” Jeanette said suddenly, “It may not be all you hoped it’d be.” Jeanette vanished and in her place sat Ada. Allie suspected she was dreaming, but remained quiet because she was actually enjoying the dream and listening to them talk as she braided the clover stems. Ada talked about her marriage to Joseph. How she longed for Lucas Hall to take her in his arms and hold her, instead of Joseph. Ada’s eyes were sad- her tone painfully angst ridden. “If only I had told him how I felt, things
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