Summary Of ' The Night '

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Daniel and Tam exited the elevator and entered the hotel’s hallway. The walk lasted. They passed doors, each the same, the only difference a number on a sign, the carpet below embroidered with fractal flowers, crushed by their footsteps, but still blooming. He saw the hallway as reflection of itself, cast in dual mirrors, and extended into infinity; flowers growing into eternity, choice held in palms gripping infinite handles, doors hiding the possibility of eternity. Forever they walked until they met the door to their room. Daniel placed his hand on the small of her back. His t-shirt, still wet, stuck to his chest, and emphasized his stomach’s bulge, not fat, but full from a month without exercise. The scent of chlorine invaded his…show more content…
“A fountain in the lobby, a roof-top pool with a view of the city, and cloud like bed, this is unacceptable. I require only the best.” “I didn’t know if you would come and I didn’t want to rely on staying at your friend’s place. Not that I don’t trust you.” “It’s great, don’t worry, I understand. You want to be careful. My friend was worried about me meeting up with you. He told me to be sure to, ‘avoid being murdered,’ before he headed to the airport.” Daniel squinted at her, and tilted his head, “You don’t plan on murdering me do you? You’re not a Black Widow or a Praying Mantis, I hope. I am very fond of my head.” Tam placed her hands together and pretended to pray. “I’m not a pious insect, but you probably won’t like this,” she smiled and turned around, lifted her shirt, and revealed a small red hourglass lined in black tattooed on the small of her back. Daniel lifted himself off the bed and pretended to leave, “Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, but I think I left the stove on at my friends place. I don’t want to burn down his new condo. He might be mad.” “You’re not going anywhere,” she pushed him back onto the bed and kissed him. Daniel gripped her waist, he pulled her closer and lifted the back of her shirt, he felt the subtle raised ink, not visible to the naked eye, hidden, discovered only through intimate touch. He traced the outline, his fingers turned; he tried to flip the hourglass. He tried to restart
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