Summary Of ' The ' Night '

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Thud. Slam. Bang.

Noises that Dipper had gotten used to lately. He usually heard these noises after 'going to bed ' - his parents giving him a hug and a kiss and an absolutely-positively fake smile. It honestly pissed Dipper off they were trying to keep him in the dark.

He knew that they were in financial trouble, but he wasn 't sure why. And his parents never seemed to discuss why during their late-night arguments. They just yelled, swore, and slammed a lot of stuff.

"Ben, what are we going to do?!" His mom angrily asked his dad. "There 's no way we can go on like this. We 're going to have to start making some sacrifices. And that includes you, too!"

"Oh, like I haven 't made any sacrifices, Violet!" Dipper 's dad angrily snapped
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"Then I 'll tell him." Dipper 's dad responded, unsympathetic and still talking quite loudly.


"Ben, do you love our son? You 're acting like you have no emotion at all!"

"I most certainly do. I just choose to show it with my actions, rather than bribing him with cash."

"Bribing him?! How am I bribing him?! Oh, forgive me for being such a shitty mother and trying my best to get him out of the house once in a while! You know he loves that camp!"

That was perhaps the loudest Dipper had ever heard his mother yell in his life.

"You 're not looking at this rationally. Dipper will live. And there are cheaper places he can spend his summer." Dipper 's father replied, his speaking less loud, but with a very agitated tone in his voice. Dipper knew that tone; his father was close to his breaking point.

"Oh my god...Ben, you 're just like your brother, you know that? You-"


Just like a bullwhip, the sound came out of nowhere, startling Dipper. It took a second for the reality of what just happened to sink in. As soon as his brain processed it, Dipper felt his heart sink into his stomach.

There was no way that just happened. No way. That kind of thing only happened in movies. His dad...

"Violet, I-" Dipper 's dad began, the tone of his voice having drastically changed from the last time he spoke to her.

"No." Dipper 's mom fiercely replied, sounding very weak and hoarse. "Just go."

There was a long, cold silence.
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