Summary Of ' The Night '

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The day was really dreary the day Lorraine’s parents died. When she got the call from her older brother, she was told that their parents died in a fire at a bakery. After they were done with the funeral, Lorraine went home with Grandma Anna. Lorraine packed her stuff and went to live in Grandma Anna’s hotel. Kai, Lorraine’s older brother texted Lorraine that he was going to marry his fiance next month. When Lorraine goes to meet Kai and his fiancee, her neighbors gives her some food and some necessary things you need in a household. As Lorraine gets in the train, she thinks how to balance between school and work. Since it was end of July she thought of applying to the nearest high school near the hotel. Lorraine sighed think of how boring Birchwood is and got out of the train. When Lorraine got of the train she saw Kai with his fiancee. “Lorraine, I think this the first time you’ve met Jessica. Jessica, Lorraine. Lorraine, Jessica.” Kai said. “ Hi, I’m Kai’s younger sister.” Lorraine said. “ Hi, I’m Kai’s fiancee.” Jessica said. Kai explained that they were headed back to the house. Lorraine walked with Kai and Jessica back to the house. While Kai and Jessica were in the kitchen, Lorraine went to the backyard where the tree house was. Lorraine never understood why her parents made that in the first place when she was told to not go in there. Lorraine went up there quickly when she heard Kai’s voice. Climbing up, she turned around and saw Kai turning back to help Jessica

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