Summary Of ' The Night Room Of Mirrors '

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He tried to remain calm, but a panic was taking hold of Jim at his very core. Susan and her safety played on his mind, regardless of the danger he was currently facing. Jim shook his head back and forth as a means of clearing away the mental fog. He refused to remain trapped in an “inescapable” room of mirrors.
Looking up to the mirror he happened to be facing, Jim took a moment to steel himself. A few deep breaths prepared him for his next move, which was sure to be a smashing one. He jumped up and down on the spot a few times and then barreled forward with one shoulder out front in a football tackle stance. The collision with the mirror was harder than he expected it to be, but the twinkling sound of smashed glass was exactly as he imagined.
He felt a few small shards cut his exposed face and neck, but nothing serious enough to end his search. Having made it through the glass, Jim dragged his heels to slow his momentum and come to a complete stop. There was another long hallway behind the smashed mirror – as though a door was meant to be in place of the mirror all along. It did not take long for Jim to decide between staying in the hall of mirrors or chancing the contents of the hallway extended before him. He was soon jogging down a carpeted corridor toward the next room of carnage and oddities.

Susan… I can ignore everything else so long as I focus on Susan…
Suddenly, a giant black form swooped down in front of Jim and connected with his face. “No!” Jim screamed…

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