Summary Of The Novel 'A Separate Peace' By John Knowles

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A Separate Peace, written by John Knowles, is a critically acclaimed novel that is extremely retable in many aspects. Knowles is extraordinary in some section of the novel and struggles to catch the attention of the reader in other parts. Throughout the novel Knowles does a good job at describing the internal and external influences that high schoolers encounter. While striving in that area Knowles doesn’t do a good job at incorporating the natural instinct of competition. Since this book is somewhat based off of the competition between the two main characters this could be seen as a huge fault in the book. Although that issue could be considered a major fault in the novel, the way Knowles uses Finny as a foil to Gene was fantastic. Throughout…show more content…
This is one of Knowles’ weaknesses because of the unrealistic thoughts and feelings Gene has. Gene has thoughts such as in the headmaster’s house of Finny getting reprimanded and finally getting in trouble. This is not a realistic characteristic of a best friend. Knowles attempted to create Finny as more of a foil to Gene than a best friend. This doesn’t convince the reader that Gene is innocent in his attentions to hangout with Finny and engage in dangerous activities with him. This suggests that Gene is just jealous of Finny and wants to encourage him to risk his life. I believe that Knowles does not correctly portray the way best friends act in high school. He tries to make the situation too hostile. By the end of the novel Gene realizes his mistaken attitude toward Finny and begins to be a more genuine friend. At this point Knowles captivates how best friends truly act to each other. They stick by each other and will protect them to the best of their abilities. I would say this is Knowles’ weak point. The weak point in the novel is overshadowed by the strength of Knowles’ ability to provide a foil to Gene through his best friend
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