Summary Of ' The Novel ' And Stevenson Presentation Of Him '

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Page-1 Gaurav Khanna Student ID- 200369948 Professor Alexis McQuigge English 100 29 November 2015 Importance of Dr. Lanyon in the novel, and Stevenson presentation of him. Dr. Lanyon was a lively, jovial and chummy guy. Nobody dislikes Dr. Lanyon as he 's half-Santa Claus and half-that one awesome high school chemistry teaches who really liked to create explosions and booms. He was not only a funny and childish person but also a gentleman of equal social stature to Mr. Utterson and Dr. Jekyll and above all facts, these three men have been good friends since childhood. However there was a big and strong argument was going on between Dr. Lanyon and Dr. Jekyll about ten years before the events of the novel actually took place. At one point of time Dr. Jekyll referred Dr. Lanyon as "a hide-bound pedant" from which it can be deduced that he was a more rational, logical, and punctual than his former friend i.e. Dr. Jekyll. Lanyon was a man of science and a strong believer in logic, it can be imagined with this only that would have been pretty much heart robbing for such a gentleman to watch his best friend undergo a supernatural switcheroo from decent and God-fearing to evil-oozing. Such a bad sight would have been a difficult scenario for Lanyon to believe in. Hence, rather than believe it, he choose to die. He is also the only person who actually witnessed the transformation of Jekyll. His account of this incident was found very amusing to the reader. According to
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