Summary Of The Novel 'By AnneHawthorne'

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Anne struggles greatly with the feeling of loneliness and her self-identity due to being an adolescent. As a teenager, she is on a journey of finding herself. This journey is an emotional rollercoaster that causes Anne to feel very isolated from her surroundings. She is now developing her feelings and thoughts on the world, and being in hiding and trapped with a bunch of other people makes matters even more difficult. She doesn’t get a proper opportunity to explore the world and her self which causes her to constantly feel as if no one understands her and that everyone is against her. She feels like she has “never been able to confide in anyone” (1) Anne’s “point that prompted [her] to keep a diary in the first place [is because she doesn’t] have a friend” (6) She couldn’t and was not able to really confide in anyone but herself. Her thoughts on herself are very contradictory; one moment she feels as if she knows herself and what she truly wants and other times she feels as if she is not good enough. She had a dual persona; one part of her was outgoing and had many friends but the other side of her was reserved and lonely. She is “afraid that people who know [her] as [she] usually [is] will discover [that she has] another side, a better and finer side. [She’s] afraid they'll mock [her], think [she’s] ridiculous and sentimental and not take [her] seriously. [She’s] used to not being taken seriously, but only the 'light-hearted' Anne is used to it and can put up with it; the 'deeper' Anne is too weak. [Her] lighter, more superficial side will always steal a march on the deeper side and therefore always win. You can't imagine how often [she’d] tried to push away this Anne, which is only half of what is known as Anne - to beat her down, hide her.” (238) She would “twist [her] heart round again, so that the bad is on the outside and the good is on the inside, and keep on trying to find a way of becoming what [she] would so like to be, and could be, if there weren't any other people living in the world.” (129) Throughout the duration of the diary, we see Anne trying to seek happiness wherever she could. She longed for affection, but the only happiness she attained was from herself. Anne expresses that “there’s only

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