Summary Of The Novel By George Orwell

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FORM / STRUCTURE, PLOT: The Novel is divided into three sections, the first one is mainly an introduction to Winston Smith. The second part is when Winston finally makes contact with Julia, whom he had been attracted to for quite some time. The third part of the novel is when the affair of Julia and Winston is discovered by the party. These three parts of the story also have several chapters in the sections. Having the book divided into three parts makes the novel more organized since each part starts and ends at an important part of the book. The writer, George Orwell, does use a foreshadowing technique a few times. For example, when the rat pops out of the hole in the room he the scene describes that he is terrified and he throws a shoe at it. This event foreshadows the torture technique the party uses towards the end of the book. The novel is written chronologically but Winstons, the protagonist, does have several flashbacks, memories, and dreams that end up foreshadowing events further in the book. The flashbacks help give the reader background information as well that help us understand why he is the way he is. The novel starts off with a citizen of Oceania named Winston Smith. We quickly learn about the world he is living in by how the author describes the environment of where Winston is living. Winston works at the Ministry of Truth where
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