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On page 225: “Wherever the dead were held there was Deadtown.” Dead town was the prison where the LD were held and researched. In the beginning of the novel Stony and Alice spend time working on a cure for zombieism but as time passes by he works with many different people on a cure and just generally studying zombies. Besides Alice he works with F.M and the OSWEGO, Commander Calhoun, Dr. Weiss, and even did some work on his own. Scientists in a modern society have an obligation to use technology to sustain life and have been doing it for centuries. From doctors to dentist, the goal has always been to sustain human life. Advances in technology and medicine has allowed this to happen. According to U.C Berkeley the average U.S. life expectancy was 47 years in 1900 and 78 years in 2007. A scientist having an obligation to sustain human life does not necessarily give them the responsibility to create human life.…show more content…
“Our secret,” she said.” When Wanda found John she decided much like Miep Gies from The diary of Anne Frank and the many conductors of the underground railroad to raise Stony like one of her own. Throughout the book Daryl Gregory gives hints of racism and xenophobia. When he describes a character he describes them as being White and Blacke. the book doesn't have any hardcore racism but race is definitely a factor and can been seen on page 360 when Ruby says “because they're a bunch of old white guys and I'm a cute white girl.” racism isn't the only deciding factor that can be found in raising stony mayhall. Xenophobia can be found when Stony first joins the LDA and isn't allowed to know where he's going and the names of the people he's with. Racism and xenophobia are two minor divides in the novel but the biggest divide is between the LD’s and the breathers. An example of this is Aaron responding to Stony asking about his past with Pg-129 “Kid your people are dead. And you creep me the hell

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