Summary Of The Novel 'The Lathe Of Heaven'

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In the novels, We, 1984, Riddley Walker, and The Lathe of Heaven, D-503, Winston, Riddley, and George, respectively, must fight to transcend the rigid boundaries and societal restraints of their worlds. As We progresses, D-503 defies the boundaries of his predisposed mind, but eventually restores his allegiance to the oppressive One State. In 1984, Winston resists the rules of Big Brother in order to acknowledge his individuality but is later subdued to an emotionless state. In Riddley Walker, as Riddley is forced to adjust to the harsh surroundings of his environment, he must become fierce and brave but ultimately accepts his youth and powerlessness. In The Lathe of Heaven, George eventually liberates himself from Dr. Haber’s dream control
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