Summary Of The Novel The Martian

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In the novel The Martian, Mark Watney is passed out and stranded on Mars alone, after being left behind by the rest of the crew after they witnessed him being impaled in a sandstorm, believing that he is dead they had no choice but to leave. As Mark is stranded on Mars alone he has no one to rely on, but he has his skillset to thank, being a botanist and mechanical engineer definitely helped him out. Throughout the novel we are able to follow Mark in this challenge to survive for four years until Ares 3 saves him, we get to see how Mark has changed in 460 days starting from the beginning of the novel to the end. At the beginning of the novel Mark is passed out and injured, but luckily for him he survived them. After a long exhausting day of making modifications on his MAV before heading to Schiaparelli, Mark gets a chance to rest but he soon realizes how frighten and alone he is when he says, “I’m totally exhausted but I can’t sleep. Every sound scares the sh*t out of me. Is that the HAB popping? No. Okay...What was that!?” (266) Mark can’t seem to rest considering that he has been through so much crazy stuff, ever since being trapped on Mars the tiniest thing can easily turn into a disaster. But not only is he afraid and living in fear, he has to go through this unimaginably difficult time alone, trapped on a planet alone. “I never realized how utterly silent Mars is. It’s a desert world with practically no atmosphere to convey sound. I could hear my own heartbeat.”
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