Summary Of The NovelThe Capture By Kathryn Lasky

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In the book”The Capture” written by”Kathryn Lasky” the author tells a life story of little owl named Soren. The author talks about how Soren meets a friend that he will keep the whole book, for example,”Didn’t your parents tell you about the dangers of sleeping under a full shine,”
“Whats a full shine,” Soren asked.(Lasky 44) The Author shows when they meet and get to know each other. The later shows how they use teamwork to complete a task. In the book the theme is”In order to complete a goal you need teamwork”. Flying needs a lot of teamwork to make it happen, Gylfie and Soren show it when trying to learn it.

Soren and Gylfie make a great team, this is because they work together to complete every single task they have together. Like
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When Soren and Gylfie found themselves in a bad spot and worked as a team to solve the problem. In the end the owls solved the problem that they were faced in working as a team.

The author shows great craft in the book, one way she does show craft is in her dialogue. She expresses the character's emotions by adding different words to the dialogue and signs. For example,”I did it!” gasped Soren.(Lasky 164) The author says Soren gaspes instead of he said, also she shows that it is an exciting moment because there is an exclamation point at the end of the talking. The Author also puts song lyrics in the book, this shows craft because it is what the owls like doing when they are happy or praising someone, for example,”What gives a wriggle and makes you giggle when you’em whose weensy little feeling make my heart really beat that makes me feel so jolly for the darling centipede my favorite buggy feed I always want some more that's the insect I adore more than beetles,more than crickets which at times gives me hiccups I crave only to feed on a juicy centipede I shall be happy forever .(Lasky12) This is good author craft because it shows that the owls ike centipedes they made a song to remind them of how it taste and makes them feel.

While someone might argue that in order to complete a goal you need determination, but it can be argued that in order to complete a goal you need teamwork. This is true because if there is a hard task

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