Summary Of ' The ' Of Bed, Charity Stifled A Scream

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Bolting upright in bed, Charity stifled a scream. With the realization of what had just happened, the morbid reality of it brought the sting of hot tears to her eyes to her eyes. “Henry!” her mind wailed, silently asking, “Why” to the Great Spirit in the sky. “I tried so hard to get to him; why didn’t you let me,” she demanded angrily. “Why give me the gift of seeing, when I can do nothing to change what I see?” The sound of Henry’s last whispered word, “Charity” rang loudly in her ears. Going into the kitchen, she grabbed a knife and poised it above her, wanting to drive it deep into her chest to stop the crushing pain she felt in her heart. “No, Missy! You cain’t do that; you has ta think of the young’uns- they still need you here ta…show more content…
When she looked up into Jeremiah’s pale, rheumy eyes, she saw that he, too, was in pain. Henry was like a son to him… Pulling him close, she sobbed into his chest. “What in the world happened?” asked a shocked Mary, looking down at her mother’s hair spread on the floor beneath her and Jeremiah’s feet. Charity could not answer her; she felt numb. Her body had lost all sensation. Without asking, Jeremiah knew what must’ve happened and why Charity wanted to kill herself before she cut off her hair; his old, hands shook more than usual as he tried to make a pot of coffee. “Help yer maw back ta bed,” he told Mary. “I’m gonna make her some coffee.” Without any questions, Mary led her mother back to her bed. Charity pulled the covers around her shoulders and just laid there and cried. Jeremiah knew what she was feeling; it was the same feeling that had driven him into a whiskey bottle for thirty years of his life. Henry was like a son to Jeremiah; it broke his old heart to think that he would never again see his friend- never again would he talk with him; at least, not in this life. And, as bad as his old heart hurt, he knew that his loss and his pain was not the same as her loss and pain. How she knew these things, was a mystery to him; but he had no doubt that she did. It seemed that this gift of hers was as much a curse as it was a blessing. Yes, she
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