Summary Of ' The Pig Who Learned On Read '

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A. Primer Reading Passage “The Pig Who Learned to Read” a. Concept Questions- Before I had Jimmy read the passage to me I asked him a few questions that touched on his prior knowledge of things that were going to be in the passage. He earned 4 out of nine possible points on these questions showing that he was slightly unfamiliar with what something new was and what it truly meant to read. He was very hesitant to answer these questions. b. Miscue Scores- For me the Miscue Analysis is one of the best tools to see where the student needs to go, and what tools will best benefit him. Overall Jimmy had 23 out miscues on 176 words. That was his total number of miscues. On his total acceptability miscues he had 16 miscues out of 176 total words. This means that he scored in the frustration range on both total accuracy miscues and total acceptability miscues. c. Retelling the Story- After Jimmy had read the story out loud to me I asked him to retell me the story and what happened to the best of his ability. Based off of this particular passage he had the capability of retelling 36 different ideas, but he retold 18 ideas. This meant that he need to work on being able to recall the story. d. Questions- Also after the story was read I asked Jimmy 6 different questions. 4 of the questions were explicit and 2 of the questions were implicit. The explicit questions mean that the story is directly in the reading, and implicit means that the answer is inferred from the story. Both are

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