Summary Of The Pigman Book Report

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The pigman
In the book the pigman there are two main characters. There is a boy named john and a girl named lorraine. They both don’t have the greatest family and they are not even mortified about it but they are close friends and go through everything together. There is a older guy that has the nickname the pigman because he collects a bunch of fake pigs in a room and he is the complete opposite of antagonistic. And john and lorraine have a couple of friends over and they come up with an idea to get more money for beer and other stuff. They have a game where they call a random number and they try to stay on the phone with them as long as they can. They end up calling the pigman and he answers. They tell him that they are a donating company
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When they get to the zoo mr. pignatti wasn’t there yet so they went over to a cotton candy vender and peanut vender. Going to the zoo is a avocation for mr.Pignatti. When mr. pignatti got there they went and got on a little train to take them around the whole zoo and there were nocturnal animals there. They got of at the monkey cages and mr. pignatti showed them a chimpanzee named bobo that he liked a lot and cared about him. So they started feeding him and hung out there for a while. After a while they left the zoo and the next day they went over to the pigman’s house. They hung out they talked Mr.pignatti showed them around the house and showed them his pig…show more content…
pignatti started getting involved and he put on lorraines skates and was skating back and forth of the hall ways. John ended up skating up the stairs and mr. pinatti followed him up. As he was going up he had a heart attack and they called the ambulance. They would visit him in the hospital because they didn’t want to seem ingrate.And going to visit him helped relieve anxiety. It was becoming mundane for john and lorraine to visit mr. Pignati in the hospital. John and lorraine felt bad for putting mr. Pignati in a predicament situation.

When he was in the hospital john and lorraine threw a party and destroyed the house and probably smelt putrid. The neighbors called the cops on them because they had a band and was really loud. At the party they had chocolate ants as there hors d`oeuvres. During the party mr.pignati showed up to the house and everyone ran away. The cops showed up too and arrested john and lorraine. They took them home and there parents were really mad. John and lorraine ended up taking pignati to the zoo to say sorry and they found out bobo died and pignati had another heart attack and
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