Summary Of The Poem Dothead

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“Dothead”. What is the first thing you think of when you read this word? Does it sound pleasant? For me, the first thing that I noticed about the word dothead was that it has a very negative connotation attached to it. It sounds as if it were mocking something or someone. If someone was to call someone a dothead I would imagine that the person being called a dothead would not find that to be a compliment. Sure, enough in the poem “Dothead” by Amit Majmudar that is exactly what “dothead” refers to, someone mocking something in this case specifically, someone mocking someone else’s culture. I think it is very clever of Amit Majmudar to title this particular poem of his “Dothead”. Throughout the poem the speaker’s classmates are mocking his culture, specifically the red dot that his mother and all of the other women in his culture where on their foreheads, this is where the title “Dothead” comes from. This red dot the speaker is referring to is called a “bindi” usually in the Indian culture a bindi is used to signify that a woman is married and it also is referred to in a more religious meaning as a “third eye” to ward off bad luck.
The poem starts out with the line “Well yes, I said my mother wears a dot.” (Amit Majmudar, 1). In this first line the speaker seems to be very irritated. It seems as if the first line is a repeat of what the speaker must have said before that is not written in the poem. You can assume that the speaker is irritated because usually when humans have
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