Summary Of The Poem The Awakenings

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Before he had the chance to open his eyes he could sense the coldness, and the smell of the ashes. As he opened his eyes he looked towards the boy and saw him sitting up straight.
What are you doing?
I heard a noise.
Go back to sleep.
The man sensed a feeling of panicked, he had heard the noise later that day but didt want to the boy to feel scared. The man heard the sound of a woman and a young girl talking. He grabbed the closest thing he could grab. A pistol.
Wake up boy.
What is it papa?
I heard a noise.
I told you, man.
They both stood up to their feet and heard rustling near the bushes and a woman and girl came out. They both looked like a wreck as if they been swept by a tornado and tossed back. The women was holding a razor and spoke with such order in her voice.
Who are you?
Im the man.
Im the boy.
Whats that?
She pointed towards the cart with their belongings.
A cart with our stuff.
Give it to me.
Too afraid to do anything both the man and boy obliged.
As they went down the road, the man came to realized that they have been robbed. Both the man and the boy stood there in silence, bewildered.
Women are scary.
Im scared papa.
I know.
We need to keep moving and find supplies.
Will we die?
. . .
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The man opened the door and saw a rotten cow. Both the man and the boy covered their noses as the smell was irresistible to deal with. The barn was connected to a second floor in which the man decided to check it out while he handed the boy the pistol. Upstairs, the man found two large duffle bags that contained food, extra clothes, and a weapon. The man was full of excitement at his discovery that he yelled for the boy to come. Instead he was encountered with the women and the girl that had stolen their belongings. The women was holding the pistol she had stolen from the boy and was pointing it at the boys neck and the man was frozen with
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