Summary Of The Poem The Lamb

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In the poem, The Lamb, Blake talks about the absolute innocence which is a Mystical state; he compares this mystical state with the innocence of childhood. His poem seems as if spoken by a child itself. In the poem, the child raises few questions about the maker of Lamb and about his food and his yielding wooly dazzling clothing. The most interesting thing is that the child can answer those questions which were raised by him only because that child has the insightful mystical knowledge of the undisclosed truth of the creator and all of his creations. That child knows unconsciously about the God, that God is a lamb and became a small child. God is mild and meek: ‘I a child and thou a lamb We are called by His name’. God is a kind of divine existence which is present in the lamb and the child and therefore in every human being. In the poem, the child and the lamb are the symbols of Mystical awareness. ‘Clothing of delight’ talks about innocence as the clothing of one’s soul.’ He is called by thy name’ says that the creator of the lamb is no one but God himself, who later on himself become the lamb, a different child and the whole other Christian ideas regarding God are stated in the line: ‘He is meek and He is mild’. In Songs of Innocence, William Blake describes the assurance and safety of subsistence that belongs to lamb’s beneath a intelligent shepherd or to kids with loving guardians. Songs of Innocence records the disillusionary and terrifying experience of grown-up life
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