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In the poem “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns, the little mouse plans to build a home but gets destroyed by the farmer with the plow. Similarly, in the novel Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, George, and Lennie’s dream of owning a farm gets destroyed by Curley. In the poem “To a Mouse” by Burns, the speaker writes an apology to the mouse for the way it gets treated by humans. The speaker describes the mouse as a “sleek, tiny, timorous, cowering beast” that is running away from humans. He tells the mouse that he does not need to run away from him. He says to the mouse, “why dash away, so quick, so rash, in a frenzied flash when I would be loath to run after you”. The speaker means no harm but the mouse’s first instinct is to run when he sees humans because he expects to get chased by humans. The speaker understands the reasons for the mouse sometimes stealing food. The narrator says “I have no doubt you sometimes shiver; What of it, friend? You too must live!” He knows that the mouse must find a way to get food, so it can survive. The little mouse had a home-built to keep warm but the farmer with the plow unintentionally destroyed its home. When apologizing to the mouse the speaker says “Your tiny house lies in a ruin, its fragile walls and-rent and strewn! Now nothing’s left to build you a new one of mosses green.” The mouse plans to have a home for winter gets destroyed. The farmer destroying the mouse's home shows that dreams and plans can be destroyed by something or someone.

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