Summary Of ' The Poisonwood Bible '

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AP Literature and Composition Summer Reading Assignment The Poisonwood Bible Analyzed by: Shraddha Patel contents: 6 essays “ Imagine a ruin so strange it must never have happened First, picture the forest. I want you to be its conscience, the eyes in the trees.” The effect of the above directive on the reader is that it takes us into the world that is so disparate from anything that we, the reader, could have ever imagined. It propels the reader to continue reading and disclose the mystery of what ruin is the narrator talking about, who is the “you” and ultimately what or who does “the eyes in the trees” personify. The heavy use of details and imagery-in the next couple of lines- paint a picture of an exotic jungle, and a predatory world, through the statement “the forest eats itself and lives forever.” This lines are foreshadowing, because it deals with the sheer strangeness of the new world, or Africa, that the Prices are introduced to,what difficulties will they face and how will their destinies be shaped from their terrific experiences in Congo. Prior to the beginning of the book, they lived in a clean, sanitized, domesticated world in Georgia, and all of a sudden, they are thrown into this new, dog-eat-dog environment, and they have to re-learn how to survive. The lines imply that in the Congo, the principle of survival of the fittest (Darwin) applies, and the Prices, thrown into numerous difficult situations,must learn to adapt fast in order to survive.

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