Summary Of ' The Rebellion Of Trung Sisters '

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Gi Kim Michaele Smith History 111-02H 22 November 2014 Trung sisters vs. China The rebellion of Trung sisters’ began to arise when Nam Viet was conquered by the Han emperor. Han emperor wanted the abundant resources and more power over the Nam Viet Kingdom. In this time period, people tried to gain their independence back and assert themselves. There were many minor rebellions, but history of Vietnam marks Trung sisters’ rebellion as great impact in their history. The podcast explains Trung sisters in more detail about their background and process of their rebellion. I was familiar with this story because our class covered this story so I could easily understand and agree with this podcast. As we learned in class, older sister Trung Trac, and Trung Nhi were known as Trung sisters. They rebelled against Chinese governor to gain the independence since they were under Chinese power. I also remembered learning about Trung sisters’ army as podcast mentions. They prepared 80,000 troops with 36 trained women generals which they defeated the occupying Chinese. However, the podcast shares more information regarding its army which I thought it would be interesting to mention in class that their mother was one of the generals. It also introduces a noble woman who kept on fighting with her baby on her back after giving a birth in the middle of battle. This scene tells us that women were very brave in Trung sisters’ army as those two sisters were. The Podcast contributes to my

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