Summary Of ' The Rocking Horse Winner '

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A Tragic End for a Tragic Family:
An Analysis of D.H. Lawrence’s “The Rocking Horse Winner” “The Rocking Horse Winner,” a short story written by D.H. Lawrence is a testimony to the fact that parents can often harm their children, and yet be completely unaware of it. Often times in modern society, one of the most recognizable examples of this is for instance when a parent makes their child participate in a certain activity; the stereotype is a certain sport. Often times this will end up only harming the child because for a main reason they are participating in something that is not of their choosing, and also because their parent is not listening to them, is not tending to their needs. On the contrary, parents sometimes force their children to do something when they’re young, and the child ends up being a stunning success at that particular thing, and they in turn love the activity. The child’s resistance in these situations can often stem from laziness or the want to just play with their friends. There is yet another situation when the simple words or complaints of a parent harm their children and the family as a whole. So where is the balance? How does one find a balance between forcing your child to do something out of love, or forcing them to do something out of self-seeking motives? “The Rocking Horse Winner,” is a perfect example of a parent who seemed to be solely concerned with her will and what she wanted. It appeared on the outside that she loved her children
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