Summary Of ' The Rough Cotton '

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The rough cotton rubbed an itch against her delicate skin. Dylan had asked Silas for her own room despite him explaining only a basic one was available. Still, she’d expected better. Twisting her body, she wished she had a window, the sunrise to greet her into the morning, instead she was sheltered in a darkened room. Despair lingered like a physical presence and several times Dylan swore she’d seen James in the corner of her eyes. He knows I’m here…He’ll find me. In a messed up way, she missed James, the only man who truly cared for her and the rough pillows and bare chamber reflected this abandonment. This wasn’t like any of the hotels she was accustomed to, the solid mattress scrapping her back made it hard for her to let go of the…show more content…
“Just to let you know it’s breakfast time, if you would like me to take you to get some. Or I could grab you something to eat in your room?” The girl said in Russian. Remaining silent, Dylan looked past her. The thought of food made her sick and she didn’t want to talk to anyone. “I’ve got this for you to make your room more homely.” The girl nodded to plant in her hands and placed the pot on the table next to the entrance. “When I lived up-top you were my idol. I never thought I’d ever meet you.” Dylan wished she had something to say. She used to love interacting with fans but now she’d lost all enthusiasm. “I found it hard adjusting, still not entirely there if I’m honest but people are nice here if you give them the chance.” The young girl seemed to get the hint and turned to walk out. Sobs escaped Dylan’s quivering mouth. Upon hearing her, the girl spun around again, her eyes wide with worry. “I’m sorry,” Dylan used the back of her hand to dry her face. “I just miss my family and I had someone really special back home. I’ll never see him again.” “You might?” “No. Never.” “Well, you never know.” The girl shrugged a shoulder. “I mean, if it’s depressing you that much Silas would never force you to stay here against your will. He was only trying to help you.” “I should be here. He never cared for me, not really. It’s complicated. He’s been in my life for so long, I don’t know how to function without him. If he finds me, you’ll all be in danger.” “Silas will protect
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