Summary Of ' The Rough Cotton '

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The rough cotton rubbed an itch against her delicate skin. Dylan had asked Silas for her own room despite him explaining only a basic one was available. Still, she’d expected better.
Twisting her body, she wished she had a window, the sunrise to greet her into the morning, instead she was sheltered in a darkened room. Despair lingered like a physical presence and several times Dylan swore she’d seen James in the corner of her eyes.
He knows I’m here…He’ll find me.
In a messed up way, she missed James, the only man who truly cared for her and the rough pillows and bare chamber reflected this abandonment. This wasn’t like any of the hotels she was accustomed to, the solid mattress scrapping her back made it hard for her to let go of the life she’d lost.
James would never let me stay in a place like this…I should never have left. He’ll be so upset. My life wasn’t that bad, I just wasn’t grateful for all he did for me.
Dylan pressed her face into a pillow so overused, it was like water in a stiff case. She pulled away from the familiar smell of damp. Leaving James overwhelmed her with guilt. He had done so much for her, brought her out of poverty. James understood her reckless behaviour and her crazy ways. He wasn’t the one who murdered Roman. Just by leaving him, she had done such a terrible thing it caused her to retch and shake.
“Miss Fenty?”
Dylan whipped her head toward the voice, wiping the tears from her cheeks. A young girl stood in the doorway holding a potted…

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