Summary Of ' The Sad Little Paul '

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The aroma of fresh-cut grass and bark dust swarm the streets surrounding the local park. Teenagers running on the large, open field playing football, soccer, and every sport in between. Away from the lush green field, lives a playground with the classic swings, slides, see-saws, and jungle gym where all kids act like wild animals. Looking far in the distance, in a house across the street, lived a sick boy who dreamed to spend countless hours at the park. Paul Missal wishes he could join the fun, but instead lives with the entertainment of his mother. One day, the sad little Paul was brought to the attention of his worried mother, as she stated, "Well, I will teach you how to draw." She first taught him how to draw a Fir Tree. Soon after, Missal 's face glowed with excitement shouting, "Oh, I can draw this, this is incredible!" From that day on he struggled to put the pencil down, only until he picked up a brush. Throughout the years of high school, he continued his ambitions in music and art, when he couldn 't do anything else like sports. His passion of art continued to grow, while he carried on his desire to attend art school to increase his artistic knowledge. In 1965, Paul Missal received his B.F.A. degree in painting and printmaking from Cleveland Institute of Art, soon after received his M.F.A from Yale in 1968. While attending art school, he grew fond of his insightful professors who were the basic structure to his knowledge of various techniques and styles,
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