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Stephanie Nicolino
Mrs. Sarich
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10 October 2014
The Scarlet Letter- Chapters 9-12 (Passage Analyzer) Chapters 9 and 10 investigate the relationship in the middle of Chillingworth and Dimmesdale. On one level, Chillingworth speaks to "science" and Dimmesdale speaks to "deep sense of being." Like Chillingworth 's disfigured shoulders, Dimmesdale 's disease is an outward sign of an internal condition, and not medication or religion suffices to cure it. What hampers his recuperation is his failure to admit his infidelity with Hester, which is by all accounts due, in any event to a limited extent, to the group 's reliance on the adolescent priest. He comprehends that he, in the same way as Hester, is an image of an option that is bigger than himself—for his situation, devotion and goodness. As it were, admitting would mean mending himself at the cost of the community.dimmesdale considers other, apparently hopeless good contemplations. The numerous disagreements that he experiences may come from the constrictive and off and on again two-faced nature of the ethical framework. For instance, the priest declines to wed any of the ladies in the group who show sympathy toward him, both out of a feeling of duty to Hester and out of an unwillingness to embroil a blameless outsider in a dim history of "sin." On the other hand, by inactively holding up for God to deal with things, as he proclaims himself to be doing, Dimmesdale causes Hester to endure awfully.

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