Summary Of ' The School Library '

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“I’ll be really grateful for your help, Tina.” Kazuki sheepishly smiled and offered her a hand to shake. She noticed that his eyes were glowing in excitement. Tina unsurely nodded, wondering if tutoring someone lazy would do any good, but Kazuki looked so excited, she didn’t want to be rude. So, she decided that they should get started at lunchtime immediately to get it over with anyway. ### The school library was packed with many people trying to get their homework finished, but Kazuki had already arrived earlier, reserving a seat for Tina. As soon as Tina sat down, Kazuki asked her many questions on everything he could conjure up from physics, and this surprised her. She thought that Kazuki would only fool around once they started the lesson, and yet, he sat diligently while writing everything she told him. Tina wondered if she had misjudged him, but she was satisfied that at least someone valued her help. Out of curiosity, Tina wanted to ask about Kazuki’s rumors, and because he seemed so casual and open minded to many things, she figured he wouldn’t be offended by her rude question. “Kazuki, um, I’m not sure if I could ask this from you, but why does everyone say you’re lazy at work? From what I see, you’re trying way too hard.” Kazuki chuckled at her question, and gave a bitter smile. “Oh, that’s just a rumor, because everyone thinks I’m just pretending to be a diligent student, when infact I probably just laze around all day. Well, it’s true that I work hard, but
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