Summary Of The Story ' Gryphon ' By Charles Baxter

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The short story Gryphon by Charles Baxter is about a substitute teacher that challenges the way the children in the classroom usually think and encourages them to think with their imagination. Growing up, I also had a teacher that challenged me to think creatively as well. She inspired me to work hard and learn as much as I could. Both the story and my personal life have strong influences of a teacher wanting to better the student’s life in an unconventional way. The story starts with the narrator’s point of view, being a fourth grade boy in Miss Ferenczi’s class. Miss Ferenczi was new to the community and was a substitute teacher since their normal teacher, Mr. Hibler, was sick. In the story, Baxter writes, “I am Miss Ferenczi, your teacher for the day. I am quite new to the community and I don’t believe any of you know me. Therefore, I will start by telling you a story about myself.”(278) This lead to a story that made many of the children question her sanity. Miss Ferenczi made claims that none of these children had heard before and they had trouble believing. Thus, they often talked about her after class, on the playground, and even on the bus ride home. Her teaching sparked a desire in the narrator’s heart to learn more about the things she taught. Miss Ferenczi taught her class in the most unusual way. Unlike most substitutes, she did not follow what the student’s normal teacher had planned out. She taught what she desired and did not seem to care about the
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