Summary Of ' The Story Of Job '

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The story of Job begins with an introduction about him and his family. It points to the blessings that God had endowed him and his family with. The story leads us to learn that he and his children were blessed because of him. On one hand, Satan wanted to prove that humans would hate God who hurts or kills them and leaves them to suffer, but as it is mentioned in Job chapter one, God is confident God would be proud of Job realizing God’s truth, the man whom God saw as a righteous. The first chapter is more of a scene behind the camera. We experience God’s personality and traits in this book. God lets the suffering happen so that Satan and the others, including humans would know who God is. According to this story, it can be observed that the institution of family is not only valid but part of Christian theology. Although in the American culture, once a child becomes an adult, the parents and children begin to share a different relationship with each other within the family. Whether the children attend a church, read the Bible or believe in God or not, parents do not interfere in their lives nor encourage them to share a relationship with God. This does not happen in communal cultures of the world but Job’s story mentions that his children met with each other’s families and had a time of feast, on a simultaneous note, he offers sacrifices to God to ask forgiveness for his children, though Job is heard speaking about his love for God to his wife too. He is adamant to manifest
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