Summary Of ' The Tale ' By O ' Connor 38

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The Plot
A family that consists of a grandmother, father, mother, and three grandchildren from Atlanta plans to go to Florida for a family vacation. The grandmother is refusing to go to Florida because she has “her connection in east Tennessee” (O’Connor 38). She points out from an article that the Misfit is on the loose and is headed toward Florida and that “the children had been to Florida before” (O’Connor 38). Nevertheless, the grandmother gets up early than everyone else, and prepares for the trip. The next morning She is dressed up in her Sunday best “just in case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady” (O’Connor 38). The grandmother secretly brings along her cat because she does not want the cat to “accidentally asphyxiate himself” (O’Connor 38) if he was to be left alone. The grandmother is too particular with the trip, that she takes the mileage before they drive off and her son what speed limit to drive so that she does not want the patrolmen to ticket Bailey and ruin their vacation.
During the trip, the grandmother keeps talking about how beautiful the scenery is in Georgia, but John Wesley thinks otherwise. The grandmother tells John Wesley to respect his native state. As they pass a large cotton field, the grandmother points out that there are graves that belonged to the plantation, but the plantation has “Gone with the Wind.” Later on, the grandmother tells the children a story about Mr. Edgar Atkins

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