Summary Of The Three Little Pigs

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How would you feel to be kicked out of your home; now have to start from scratch and make a new home for yourself ?The author of The Three Little Pigs is James Halliwell-Phillipps. James purpose of writing the three little pigs was to show that your need to put time and work to make something or do something good.The three pigs were kicked out of their house because their mom didn’t have enough room to keep them. They set out and the first two pigs both chose easy ways to make a house, those pigs were both eaten.The third pig took his time to build a brick house and he survived.This story showed that if your want something done right ,,you need to take your time and put in the work. The first pig was impatient and didn’t want to walk to get the bricks.That was not a good idea because the pig made his house of straw.The straw would not hold up because it’s too light and not strong.The second pig was also impatient and did not want to walk to the brickwork.So the pig got sticks from a man to build a house, and those sticks were also not sturdy.“Please give me those stick to build a house” the pig said ,and the pig built the house.The stick wouldn’t hold up also because they are only a little stronger than straw but still aren’t strong enough to build a house. The third pig took his time and walked to the brick works. He said “please man give me those bricks to build a house” and the man gave him the bricks. That was smart of the pig because his house will be sturdy and not
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