Summary Of The Three Musketeers

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The Three Musketeers is a famed 19th century classic novel by Alexandre Dumas filled with adventure, suspense, and exhilaration; where a courageous young man named d’Artagnan arrives in Paris seeking to join King Louis XIII’s legendary musketeers. The Classical Theatre of Harlem debut The Three Musketeers on opening night July 9th, 2017, directed by Jenny Bennett accompanied by Catherine Bush and choreographed by Tiffany Rea-Fisher at the Richard Rodgers Amphitheater at Marcus Garvey Park. The cast consists of Miriam Hyman (as d’Artagnan); Emmanuel Brown (as Athos); Brandon Carter (as Aramis); Reynaldo Piniella (as Porthos); Michael Early (as Cardinal Richelieu), the nemesis of the Musketeers; R.J. Foster (as Rochefort); Anthony Merchant (as King Louis); and Piera Van de Weil (as Milady). The novel centers around d'Artagnan, who longs to join the Musketeers, and the trio going on a dangerous, action-packed journey to defend the honor of a king and queen against the Cardinal who directs his agents to carry out an intricate plan to sabotage the queen and undermine the king’s power. The characters are forced to set aside their differences and unite to combat the corrupt ruling class.

The Theatrical Worlds covers a profound number of methods of individual theatre practitioners and historical roots of the art of theatre which is heavily embodied within The Three Musketeers. According to the Theatrical Worlds, the dynamic between the actors and the audience is a transitory
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