Summary Of The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle

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On deck! On deck! The Seahawk has entered a drastic storm. Everyone, come outside! Man the ropes! Man the sails! Everyone, including Charlotte Doyle, comes to help. “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle” is a breaktaking book that takes you on a wondrous journey across the Atlantic on the Seahawk in search of an everlasting experience. The main characters of the book are Mr. Andrew Jaggery, Charlotte Doyle, Mr. Samuel Hollybrass, and Mr. Keetch. Mr. Andrew Jaggery is the captain of the ship. Charlotte Doyle is the former lady passenger and shipmates of the Seahawk. Mr. Hollybrass is the first mate; Mr. Keetch is the second mate. One of the themes of this book that teaches hardship is that "Determination
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Hollybrass. Zachariah and Charlotte has a plan to get the muskets from the safe of his cabin. Mr. Doyle(shipmate name) sneaks from the birg to Captain Jaggery's cabin, only to see Jaggery waiting for Mr. Doyle. Since the captain figured out all of her plans from Keetch, he was fully prepared. Jaggery knew that Zachariah is hiding in the prison cell. Charlotte enters, knowing already that Jaggery staged the attack on Mr. Hollybrass to make Mr. Doyle guilty, and Jaggery gives a speech to her about how order was disrupted. Jaggery admits that he killed Mr. Hollybrass, since Samuel was threatening Jaggery. The captain gives her three options. The first option is that he will give Mr. Doyle the keys to the safe to get the muskets and kill Captain Jaggery. This will make her family shamed and reputation The second option is to put her old clothes on, ask for forgiveness, and everything will be in proper order. The third option is that she can be hanged. Charlotte rejects all the ideas and runs to the deck where the conspiracy had turned against them. The captain comes outside and shoots, only to miss because the ship plunges. Mr. Doyle retreats to the bowsprit, and soon Jaggery follows. Then, the ship plunges and Jaggery is thrown overboard. Zachariah says that since Charlotte saved their lives, she should become captain. She became captain and was
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