Summary Of ' The Unicorn ' By Dr. Wright

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Jayna burst into the clearing on the back of the unicorn. Chaos recognized her immediately.
Jayna demanded, “Let them go evil thing!”
She was a little disappointed her voice was back to normal, her goddess voice was much more intimidating. Her heart thumped so hard with fear that she thought it would bruise her ribs.
“You 're the easiest of all,” said the black thing in a voice she recognized. It was Dr. Wright 's.
Already Wright 's body was being deformed by the being that cohabited it, but when Jayna pulled out her glowing sword, there was enough of him left that she recognized him. She shuddered when she realized this would have been her fate if that thing was still inside of her. The thing extended its hand in her direction and black tendrils rose up out of the ground and wrapped around the unicorn 's legs. Then Jayna 's world faded away and she woke up in another.

Elmer was lost in the dark, he couldn 't keep up with Jayna and now Chaos had obscured his vision. He had no choice now, he pulled his hat down over his third eye and headed back to the others.

Shaddrack saw his reflection in the glass shelf behind the counter, he was dismayed to see he was an old man again. Older even than the man who had failed the first time around. There was nothing to be done about it, old or not, he had to act quickly. The little girl named Julie Ann and her mother would be coming through the door in less than a minute. Jefferies had his money and began to turn his gun in

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