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AN: My first fanfiction on Wattpad! Tell me what you think! Disclaimer: I don 't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy and its characters the property of Joss Whedon, and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for entertainment purposes only. * 138 days. It had been 138 days since Buffy had died, and here I was, in a cemetery, slaying my own kind. I would never have seen myself working alongside the scoobies and a robot, but I guess life is full of surprises. To be honest, it 's hard. Not the slaying. That 's pretty simple. For me, anyways. Xander? Not so much. It 's hard seeing that robot. The BuffyBot. I had gotten her made for--it was just so wrong, and now I was working with it. But looking at it. Seeing it every day. It kills me. I try not to think about her, but seeing that robot always brought back memories. I was pulled out of my endless thoughts when I heard Willow 's voice in my head. "Spike, vampire to your left!" Her voice echoed. I spun on my heels, stake in hand, and quickly dusted him. He was just a fledgling, so it was easy. I glanced around, seeing how quiet it was. There were barely any vamps out. Or demons. Or big bads. Or slayers, I thought. I pushed the thought away. Her grave was nearby, so whenever we went to Restfield, I couldn 't help but

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