Summary Of ' The Walking Dead ' Essay

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Ethics to Zombies? The background of Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” is a virus outbreak, causing dead people to continue to activities and addict to act as walking dead. In this comic book, he shapes a smart and powerful heroic character, Rick, in a zombie apocalypse, who is still able to maintain rational and leads the group to find a safer place for the sake of the interest of every survivor. In this book, Kirkman not only shows how the protagonists manage to fight the zombies; but also explores human nature. While excited on the details of the story and entangled in the fate of each character, people will reasonably find out there are more questions about a zombie apocalypse. Since zombies are uncontrollable and already dominate the world, and every survivor’s emotion is unstable, what is the best way to self-defend and defend for others? The issues of how the humans do and what the humans should do have been discussed by lots people in different fields. Portraying Rick as a policeman, the guardian of civilization, Kirkman’s intention is salient that even in the zombie apocalypse, the old law and order are destroyed; the human beings are still able to rebuild a new world after defeating the zombies because human beings hope to survival, need law and order, have the conscience, and have the ability to rebuilt the civilization. To be or not to be? Honestly, when facing the “to be alive or to be dead” question, the instinct of people is choosing to be alive, this is a
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