Summary Of ' The Wild Brittney '

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So There’s This Group People these days have so many differences in their pasts, present and what they have planned for the future. These people can be so different, but yet be such amazing friends regardless of the differences. This group of college students, all having very much different lives, were grouped together. The wild Brittney, the talented Andrew, and the friendly guy Ethan are the kids that make up this group. Brittney is a very wild and natural woman. She enjoys to hunt and fish in her free time. Deer and duck hunting is what she enjoys most, but on a good occasion she enjoys raccoon hunting. When it comes to fishing though, her favorite thing to fish for is catfish, and when she catches one she can’t wait to take it home. “There’s nothin’ I love more than fried catfish,” she exclaims. On a day she is bored of catfishing though she will go fly fishing just so she can get bored of that, and go right back to catfishing. In her life she has accomplished a lot, but one of the things she is very proud of is making all-state track field in discus and shotput. Both very hard sports to make it to all-state with, but she pulled it off at Lake Hamilton High School! Another thing she is proud of herself for is getting out of high school with a diploma. Brittney also was very intelligent student. She took both chemistry and biology in high school, so that when she got to college she wouldn’t be completely lost when taking those classes again. It’s useful especially for
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