Summary Of The Wind By Barbara Kingsolver

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The narrator’s name was created by her grandfather. The narrator’s grandfather was in Virginia, at that time people there owned slaves. He fell in love with a Cherokee and stole a horse to marry her and people did not forgive him for that. Therefore he lost his family name and created a new one, the one that the narrator has now. That’s how the narrator’s name was created.

The narrator uses words and imageries to describe her name. Refer to “guarded”, we can know that she values her name very much. Refer to “knew” ”touched”, we know that her name is connected to her ancestors. Refer to “one peppered, flaming autumn he stole a horse, rode over the mountain to marry a leaf-eyed Cherokee” we can see that her grandfather had been through
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“He was restless in Virginia among the gentleman brothers, until one peppered, flaming autumn he stole a horse, rode over the mountains to marry a leaf-eyes Cherokee.” Her grandfather been through a lot to marry her, and also show us the racism. “The theft was forgiven but never the Indian blood” tells us that people forgave him for the theft but didn’t forgive him for marrying a cherokee, her grandfather lost his family name for this and then invented the name the narrator now…show more content…
For example, “flaming autumn” symbolizes passion, she shows us her grandfather’s love to her grandmother. “Fruit and seeds” symbolizes the care her grandfather gave to the name and the attention he payed on it. “Limbo” symbolizes the pain and lost if she lost her name. This tells us how important the narrator’s name is to her. She used imageries in this poem as well. “Her photograph has ink-thin braids and buttoned clothes, and nothing that she was called” describes what her grandmother looks like, she says her grandmother has ink-thin braids and she wears buttoned clothes, this gives us something to imagine. “One peppered, flaming autumn” is another imagery, this sentence describes the autumn that her grandfather go to find her grandmother. “I have touched his boots and moustache” is also an imagery because the sentence gives us a sense of touch. She says she have touched the boots and moustache means that she has some connections with her ancestors.

Literary devices are used in the poem. For example, “I have guarded my name as people in other times kept their own clipped hair, believing the soul could be scattered if they were careless” uses personification because soul can’t actually be scattered. Another personification used in the poem is “The ordinary thing, and it would
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