Summary Of ' The Woman Warrior ' By Maxine Hong Kingston

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John Hilcher English Comp 122 Professor Ivalotis 20 January 2016 Subjugation of Women in “No Name Woman” The Story “Woman Warrior” written by Maxine Hong Kingston in 1975, is a great representation of what woman are characterized as in regards to being submissive or rebellious in their society, and how, even though they are harshly treated, the women fight back instead of letting themselves be subjugated, it exemplifies the hardships women face in their lives. In The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, Author Maxine Hong Kingston brings to the table a bunch of allegorical and life stories that bring upon the hardships in which she, herself, must deal with the sexist ideology and prejudice growing up young Chinese American girl. Throughout her life she was called such racist and stereotypical names such as “gook” and is repeatedly told such chauvinist Chinese sayings like “girls are maggots in the rice” by her own flesh and blood; her parents. Maxine Hong Kingston feels isolated from modern American culture and from the patriarchal Chinese culture. In her recollection of her memories she reminisces of her search for female archetypes, while involving some imaginative stories associating Chinese characters as Fa Mu Lan, a woman warrior known to China; with thoughts of her own obstinate mother, Brave Orchid. Through these numerous accounts, the narrator searches to proclaim her identity as a Chinese American female in her own bicultural world. Amidst

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