Summary Of ' The Working Poor '

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Michael James Ms. Phelps Pols 210-02 The Working Poor Essay The Working Poor is a story of hard times in our lives, that can vary in times of the poor struggles, middle class struggles, and just overall all struggles of everyday people whom have difficult times in their lives. In this reading we found there were difficult things happening to people in this book in different chapters and nothing really had a positive note from what the basis of the story had led us to believe. There is some of this story where its chapter talks about money and how it is breaking down people’s lives simply with all aspects that are fairly difficult with money; such as income tax as its goes into how the people cannot do their tax returns or pay their taxes, people being scammed out their money, little to no trust in banks, and it even mentions certain tax company in its efforts to stress the difficulties faced. Another speaks on some people life stories Ms. Christine, Ms. Debra Hall, and Ms. Caroline Payne. These women faced many difficulties that it speaks about and it almost becomes a consideration to be a biography in the story in this chapter really. Later in the chapters it brings on some hardships on the men in the story where some of these men make difficult decisions and they are not good to be honest they bring hardship to their families to the next level because these are times where men should have been considered the workers while they had a wife whom did house work and natured the

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