Summary Of The World And A Very Small Place In Africa By Donald Wright

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Focusing on micro examples in order to explain a macro concept is the basis of what Donald Wright wanted to do with his book “The World and a Very Small Place in Africa”. In this text, Wright explores the concept of globalization in the small country of Niumi, a country in West Africa with the Gambia river flowing through it’s land. With it’s position in Northern West Africa, Niumi was a major part in the expansion of Europeans for a great part of world history. This expansion impacted the civilization of Niumi during the European Colonial era, and after the colonial era. Globalization, a major theme in our lectures, was a controlling theme and major concept Mr. Wright discusses throughout this book. His micro connection with Niumi & globalization can apply to other…show more content…
Communication, transportation, and the trading of new goods changed the culture of the United States. Machinery for mass production, like the Spinning Jenny, the Iron mining industry and coal mining industries created a culture of constant communication, trading and commerce between U.S citizens. Textile Factories and other innovations in this time created various jobs for Americans and created tradeable crops for American to exchange with other countries. (Lec 12) With this, throughout the 1800s, the population of the United States grew to 31.4 million by 1860. (Lec 12). This shows the improvement of economic relationships within the United States.

However, with the positives of globalization, there’s rejection. Native Americans were combating the colonization of Western American soil. Tenskwatawa, a native american prophet, rejected Immigration after the American Revolution and would not accept the spreading of American ideals. (Lec 14) This is similar to Niumi’s desire for independence from British rule in the 1960s. Gambian’s wanted to “make economic decisions themselves” (Wright,Part

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