Summary Of ' There Is Always A Rainbow After Every Rain Storm '

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“There is always a rainbow after every rain storm”, was a quote that was preached to me many times throughout my childhood. I never truly believed it since I had a harsh childhood; but it wasn’t until I was about thirteen years old, a freshman in high school, that I started to see the beginning of the rainbow.
My father was in a rough place in his life and had bumped into one of our family friends, Josue Tapia, whom we haven’t seen in months. Josue, or as we like to call him Don Hector, has been in an unstable position just like my dad. After a few minutes of talking Josue said that he knew how to turn my dad’s life around for the better. He was very interested in this conversation, and was willing to take the opportunity.
Sitting down in the living room watching television with my sister and mother, when suddenly my dad walked in saying, “So guess who I saw today?”
My mother faced him and said, “Who?”
“Don Hector, and he invited us to church and I think we should go.”
“Wow. This is new. Why do you want to go? “
“I just think it will be a great opportunity for me to change and be a better person not only for me but for us as a family.”
“Okay yes! If that will make you happy, we can go,” she said with a smile on her face. It was Sunday morning, I woke up to loud music playing outside my front lawn. I walked outside my front door and saw my dad singing along with a huge smile on his face. I walked back inside my house with a smirk on my face because I enjoyed seeing him

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